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We have developed our web site to include a Notice Board. This hosts:

  • Discussions on issues in pharmacovigilance
  • Comments on books and articles
  • Items related to improving skills and competencies in pharmacovigilance
  • Feedback from users of

You are invited to contribute articles and comments or to suggest new categories.

Please use the email link provided to tell us of any issues relating to pharmacovigilance. We will post them on the notice board and collect feedback from other users. These can be posted on the board without your name if you wish to remain anonymous.








We would like to receive any comments on books or articles you have read or lessons learned. These can be posted with your name if you wish. This is an excellent way of networking and developing your experience.

Your contribution would improve the value of the notice board significantly. In the past this open approach has helped to reduce anxiety, improve performance and thereby improve the quality of pharmacovigilance.

Please send us any comments which would help to make more useful to you. cool web stuff
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