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Good pharmacovigilance leads to the safer use of medicines.

At Support in Pharmacovigilance we understand that the vast workload often stretches resources in Drug Safety Departments to the maximum. Consequently the strategic planning of resources continues to present a challenge to managers.

We appreciate your need to change how you work in order to adapt to new regulatory requirements or new technology.

We support your desire to achieve and maintain compliance with legal pharmacovigilance requirements.


Support in Pharmacovigilance Ltd offers assistance.

We offer support in implementing and maintaining the quality system for pharmacovigilance (GVP modules I, II, and IV), auditing and preparation for inspections.

We support clients to develop continuous improvement in their daily work and to document their processes. We train the Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance and managers on how to implement, monitor and maintain the pharmacovigilance system.

We have experience in auditing, continuous improvement, business process design techniques and quality management to assist you in implementing and maintaining your pharmacovigilance system.

We will provide people with the right skill level to meet your standards. We will work with you to help you keep control of your expenditure on pharmacovigilance.

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